Writer Michelle McKenzie

Welcome to the official website of author Michelle McKenzie. I am passionate about writing memoir, traveling and poetry, as well as publicly speaking my life. My powerful memoir shares my experiences with date rape, psychological trauma, recovery and rediscovering my self-identity. Unfettered delves into the deepest emotions and fears that rape survivors encounter, giving detailed accounts of how reactions to sexual assault emerge and manifest in the environment. I also love to write about travel, weddings, children and self-help related topics.

Michelle McKenzie

RAINN Speaker's Bureau

Excerpt from Unfettered:

"My accomplishments in dance made me feel real again. I found an activity that released feelings that I was yearning to let go. No one pressured me into loving dance. No one put these ideas in my head. I did this on my own, in my solitude, and I loved it. Ballet was the first thing I truly loved after the rape. I found myself through my movements. I could sense my soul finding release from fear and pain. When I danced, I was in control of my thoughts, my body, my attitude, my concentration and my life. I used the control that I learned and felt in ballet class to reassert domination in my normal life. It infected my life as the fear had once. The power Gary use to have over my mind began to loose its strength. His haunting face that clouded my mind during the night started to diminish. All of these changes within the depths of my being were totally unknown to me. The only difference that I really understood was that sometimes I could easily fall asleep. Sometimes, I could shut my eyes and ruminate on ordinary thoughts that a teenage girl should be pondering. At times, I felt normal."